Week of 1/22/2013 - 1/25/2013:

The class conducted survey and then compiled the results and found out that the top two favorite ideas that were in our sample of JMU students were 1) Showker Shots and Smoothies and 2) Tough Mudder “JMU” edition. While I think a Tough Mudder kind of obstacle being brought to JMU is very innovative an could spark other campuses to hold their own “Campus Mudder’s” I am afraid that the project will be a difficult accomplishment. I am unsure that the whole class know the exact extent of how big the Tough Mudder is and even to make a small scale version of it will be difficult. However, I feel as if it is accomplishable if we as an organization become creative with our resources and find out way to make the obstacles difficult at a low cost.

SWOT Analysis


- A “tough mudder JMU” version has never been attempted before.

- The “tough mudder” has become very popular in recent years and has been known as the cornerstone event that started most of these special forces created courses.

- With the increase in popularity of the tough mudder, candidates who wish to participate in it could fulfill their need by trying something smaller scale and serves the local community.


- The infrastructure costs are just too great.

- We must need a legal team to create a liability/waiver form for our candidates.

- We will be using our own man hours in creating the event. Strenuous amounts of manual labor that I believe the class doesn’t know the extent in which it would take.


- Fortifier Events, a local Harrisonburg events company has already ventured out and have conducted similar small scale versions of the “tough mudder” done locally.

- The amount of legal coursework to be completed to get the project accomplished.


- An event like this has not been done at the JMU level.

- Perhaps we can partner up with Fortier Events who could help our startup.