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    Innovation Journal Log

    January 22, 2013 by Actzikas

    The class conducted survey and then compiled the results and found out that the top two favorite ideas that were in our sample of JMU students were 1) Showker Shots and Smoothies and 2) Tough Mudder “JMU” edition. While I think a Tough Mudder kind of obstacle being brought to JMU is very innovative an could spark other campuses to hold their own “Campus Mudder’s” I am afraid that the project will be a difficult accomplishment. I am unsure that the whole class know the exact extent of how big the Tough Mudder is and even to make a small scale version of it will be difficult. However, I feel as if it is accomplishable if we as an organization become creative with our resources and find out way to make the obstacles difficult at a low cost.


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    Chapter 10: Organizing for Innovation: 

    Key Take-Aways: 

    “Innovation is something that comes when you’re not under the gun.”  

    Reflection is key!

    Disaggregated: Large firms try to create a Small Business feel by breaking down or disaggregate the hierarchy into different sub-units and then infuse them with an entrepreneurial spirit.

    Organic Structure: is an organization structure characterized by a low degree of formalization and standardization. Employees may not have well defined job responsibilities and operations may be characterized by a high degree of variation. (Fosters Innovation).

    Ambidextrous Organization: is a complex organizational form that is composed of both internally inconsistency architectures that can collectively achieve both shor…

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                 Today, innovation is the driving force of America’s economy. I believe while many are fixated on China’s growing economy, I believe that it will gradually slow down as they switch from becoming a economy focused on manufacturing to an economy focused on innovation. What I see today in China is what I saw in America since the 50’s, an era of manufacturing. Clearly we can see that this era is no longer our driving force in our economy with incidents such as what happened in Detroit in 2009. Countries such as America or Japan I believe have entered in this new era of innovation where companies are seeking to make products capable of vast capabilities while focusing on simplicity. Perhaps my last sentence may sound contradicting b…

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